Top 10 Trends For 2019

Top Ten Predictions for 2019 Getty In 2018, Frost & Sullivan’s Visionary Innovation Group—an interdisciplinary team of futurists, analysts and consultants—made their top 10 predictions for the year . Some, like the race towards quantum computing, the rise of enterprise behavioral science, and the shift away from virtual platforms, were on target. We were also on the ball (and we didn’t need a crystal one!) about how governments, regulators and consumers worldwide would push back against the omnipresence of technology, the danger of misinformation, and the loss of privacy (cue GDPR). In terms of how we scored, I’d give us 8 out of 10, but more on that later. Less than two weeks into the New Year, and here’s my team’s list of top ten trends and ideas that will shape, shake and stir 2019: Golden Ticket For Tech IPOs If 2018 was a stellar year for tech IPOs, 2019 promises to be spectacular. Gear up for a raft of high profile IPOs with valuations in the $100 billion category for unicorn start-ups like Uber, and in the 11 digits for Airbnb, Pinterest and Lyft. Other $1 billion+ companies to watch out for include Slack, Palantir and Instacart. There’s also strong IPO buzz about three Chinese heavyweights: online brokerage company Futu (which plans to hit the public market in the US and China), tech giant Ant Financial Services Group, and ride-hailing firm Didi Chuxing. It’s interesting that most of these unicorns were borne out of the shared economy. Moreover, several of them are ride-hailing firms that will have valuations higher than the giants of the past 100 years like Ford and GM. A couple of caveats though: companies might be pressured to reduce their initial IPO valuations if a weak economic outlook and the stock market slide in the US persist. Also, some unicorn start-ups—particularly those whose performance has belied their initial valuations—might choose to delay their filings. 2019: A Space Odyssey Forget Mustique and Tahiti. If you’re willing to drop a cool $200,000 to $300,000, get ready to spend your next vacation in space. Last year, we spoke about flying cars, this year you’ll have to set your sights a little higher. Space travel is set to accelerate as several companies—SpaceX and Boeing, among them—launch crewed test flights to space. YOU MAY ALSO LIKE The implications of such private space flights are tremendous. It will mean the conversion of a highly regulated, government monopolized industry into a fiercely competitive one, populated by private players and venture capital firms. As competition intensifies, expect space tourism to take-off and space organizations like NASA to use the revenues generated by private space flights to fund their scientific research. Insurance (finally) Enters The Digital Age This will be a standout year for insurance. Insurers will actively embrace new markets (smart cities, autonomous vehicles, connected living, and the elderly), products (insurance for shared workspaces, working from home, automotive pay-per-mile, and cyber-protection), technologies (blockchain, virtual reality (VR)/augmented reality (AR), and AI), business models (Prevention-as-a-Service, […]