Scott’s Top Ten Movies Of 2018

You wouldn’t see another year this good for cinema if you lived to be 5,000. People of Earth, It is time once again for The Listing of Top Tens, that beloved annual confirmation-bias ritual wherein one person presents their carefully considered opinion in an easy-to-read list format so that complete strangers can attack them for having tastes which differ from their own. Everyone loves these. Below you will find a ranking of the ten films which brought me the most joy in 2018, rather than the ones I feel are the most technically accomplished. These are my favorite 2018 films, in other words, rather than the ones I might consider to be the best . It is crucial that you, the reader, understand the difference between these two things before noisily @’ing me or causing an undignified scene in the comments below. Please take the time to do so now. Ready? Very well. Let us proceed. 10. VENOM / GOTTI (Tie) When I talk about "Ill-Advised Cinema", I’m talking about movies like Ruben Fleischer’s Venom and Kevin Connolly’s Gotti , either of which could easily top a list of the year’s most ill-advised movies. They have more in common than you might think: both were built atop the same enormously shaky foundation ("What if we made a big, tacky movie about an obvious villain, but also we made that villain the hero?"), both feature go-for-broke performances from their lead actors, both feature memorably unfortunate needle-drops, and both provided me with some of the most fun I had watching movies this year. Good? Bad? "Guilty pleasure"? Ugh. We do not use that term in the Church of Ill-Advised Cinema, because we have embraced the truth: you’re entertained or you’re not. And if you can’t find something to be entertained by in Gotti or Venom , I’m afraid I cannot fuck with you. 9. SHIRKERS I didn’t catch Sandi Tan’s Shirkers until just this past weekend, and it immediately threw my year-end rankings into a state of disarray. It’s dizzyingly good. Seriously, this Netflix original doc has everything : people who are infectiously passionate about film as an art form, ‘zines, an incredible soundtrack, funny talking head interviews, God-level editing, one (1) hilariously edgelord Tarantino burn, a compelling and increasingly-ominous central mystery which is brought to a satisfying and emotional conclusion, and a filmmaker (that’d be Tan) announcing herself as an exciting new talent. The less you know going in to Shirkers , the better, so just go watch. 8. POSSUM / CAM (Tie) Two of my favorite horror films this year were Matthew Holness’ Possum and Daniel Goldhaber’s Cam , both of which may have skipped your radar entirely (the former can be rented via Amazon Prime; the latter’s on Netflix). If I had my way, you wouldn’t be reading this list right now, but watching either of these films. They’re excellent. Possum ‘s a pitch-black, slow-burn mindfuck of a movie starring the great Sean Harris as a broken man […]