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Powder & Bulk Solids created a list of the most informative and jarring dust explosion videos As the internet broadens the reach of information and video technology becomes more omnipresent, many videos of combustible dust incidents have emerged, as well videos on dust explosion education, post-incident reports, and controlled dust explosion demonstrations. The wide array of content now available through websites like YouTube – from dramatic blasts captured in the moment to digitally animated models of dust explosions – can offer vital lessons to operators of facilities where combustible dust hazards are present. Powder & Bulk Solids Managing Editor John S. Forrester compiled this list of the top ten dust explosion videos available on the internet to showcase some of the most compelling and informative examples. #1: "Inferno: Dust Explosion at Imperial Sugar" U.S. Chemical Safety Board A dust explosion at the Imperial Sugar refinery in Port Wentworth, GA on Feb. 7, 2008 caused 14 deaths and 36 injuries. The U.S. Chemical Safety Board (CSB)’s video offers details on the factors that led to the deadly incident through interviews with investigators, animations of the blast and the damage it caused, and highlights of the CSB’s report on the incident. #2: Abbotsford, BC Furniture Plant Dust Explosion CTV News This moment captured by CTV News in September 2016 shows a dust explosion that occurred as firefighters were working to put out a fire in a hopper at an Abbotsford, BC furniture production plant. Several firefighters were in a fireball’s path at the bottom of the hopper during the incident, but managed to escape unharmed. Vancouver Fire Captain Jonathan Gormick told CTV News that the firefighters’ protective clothing and gear prevented injuries from the flames. #3 Switz City, IN Grain Bin Collapse and Dust Explosion Jordan White of White Farms Inc. In late July 2017, A farm in Switz City, IN experienced a dust explosion after a grain bin collapsed. Workers were unloading about 10,000 bushels of corn into a truck from a grain bin at William M. White Farms when the structure fell down, knocking down a power line that sparked grain dust and caused an explosion, reported the Green County Daily World. A video of the incident posted to Facebook by a member of the family that owns the farm quickly went viral. #4: Combustible Dust Hazard Awareness Video Aurora Pictures For those seeking content that provides a basic overview of combustible dust hazards, this video offers a concise, but comprehensive, explanation of the Dust Explosion Pentagon and covers the range of industries that face combustible dust hazards and common types of combustible dusts. #5: FM Global’s Research Campus Conducts Live Coal Dust Explosion FM Global Commercial property insurer FM Global created this dust explosion at its research campus in West Glocester, RI by placing 11 lb of coal dust in a trough inside the structure, dispersing and suspending the dust with a small charge, and then igniting it with a bottle rocket. The video shows the blast in […]