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Sporting Activities Around Moraira

Sporting Activities Around Moraira

Sporting Activities Surrounding Moraira

Moraira is a tiny coastal town on the Costa Blanca in Spain that is regarded to be a tourist destination because it is located on the highly developed Costa Blanca strip. Numerous tourists and residents have referred to it as “paradise” because of the way of life that has remained unchanged for centuries. This is one of the reasons why many tourists would want to visit the city on vacation because of the fantastic surprises that await them as well as the ideal way to just relax and enjoy themselves. It is possible to visit many of the attractions in this town, which include a fiesta and foreign restaurants, as well as an impressive fireworks display and an opulent hotel that offers a flavor of the area’s traditional way of life. Aside from being beautiful, the beach is also the pride of this small town because it has a fantastic view, and watching the sailing ships can be a particularly enjoyable pastime when the weather is nice.

Aside from its tourist attractions, the town also has a thriving economy and a pleasant way of life. When it comes to sports, the American public has excellent taste. Another characteristic of this town that can make tourists’ visits more enjoyable is its commitment to maintaining a healthy diet and exercising regularly. In order to participate in the active lifestyle that this town is known for, here are some options for you to consider.

Golfing in Moraira

A lot of people believe it to be one of the greatest past times since the lovely fragrance of the grass and the feeling of accomplishment that comes with scoring a goal can really help to relieve stress. When it comes to golf, Moraira’s courses are among the most luxurious in the world. In fact, this town is home to two golf courses, which makes it a convenient destination for golf enthusiasts. These two golf courses are as follows:

Ifach Golf Club is a private golf club located near Moraira.

What distinguishes this golf course from others is that it offers a wonderful view of the Rock of Ifach and is located on the grounds of a country estate. It, too, has nine holes, but it is intended to be short and challenging. In addition to small fairways and bunkers, it contains a number of obstacles that take advantage of the topography. Taking up this difficult challenge will force players to use the entire spectrum of their clubs and provide them the opportunity to develop their game management skills in the process. Two rounds of the game may be completed quickly, making it an excellent choice for the summer heat. This golf course is open to the public throughout the year, and you can take advantage of their personalized instruction, which are available in both English and Spanish.

Javea Golf Club is a golf course in Spain.

This golf club is located on the outskirts of Alicante, on the route to Valencia, some 100 kilometers away. This course benefits from a pleasant microclimate throughout the year, and the pinewood that surrounds it provides a pleasant natural environment. It is also a 9-hole course, and the turf is well-maintained, with palm trees, pine trees, and orange trees lining the fairways to provide shade. Despite the fact that the course is not particularly long, the quantity of bunkers that can be encountered along the route can make it a difficult test of golf. As a result, if you prefer a golf course that is more focused on nature, this is the best option for you.

Tennis in Moraira

This sport can be quite exhausting and drain a significant amount of muscle power. It makes you work up a decent sweat while you play for a lengthy period of time and is excellent for all-around body exercise. If you happen to be on Moraira, you can participate in this athletic sport as well.

SolPark Tennis & Minigolf recreational facility.

This tennis park is particularly well suited to individuals who lead an active lifestyle. It features seven artificial grass tennis courts and is accessible to the public. Besides having a tennis court, this club also offers a mini golf course, which is perfect for little kids to enjoy. You will find this location to be quite convenient because it includes a hotel, restaurant, wine fair, pubs, pool tables, and a variety of social events that the entire family may participate in. In other words, if you wish to maintain a social and healthy lifestyle during your time in Moraira, this is the place to stay.

Sporting Activities along the Moriara Coast

If you enjoy water activities, Moraira provides a variety to choose from. This town is excellent if you wish to go out on a sporting sea adventure while also taking in the scenery of its gorgeous sea. If you wish to participate in water sports in Moraira, you should visit the following locations.

Rental of Jet Skis for Excursions in Denia and Javea – If you wish to take advantage of the stunning coastlines of Denia and Javea, you can do so by renting jet skis to tour the area. Using jet skis to cruise along the Costa Blanca may be a lot of fun, and the feeling of the misty spray from the water can be really relaxing.

So, if you want to make the most of your time in Moraira, it will be ideal if you participate in the sports that the town is most passionate about. Not only will you have a peaceful vacation, but you will also have a healthy lifestyle as a result of it.

Walks And Hikes Around Moraira

Ruta De Los Acantilados

The Route of the Cliffs is a short trail off the coast of Benitachell that leads from Cala Moraig to Cala Llebeig and back again. The total distance of the trail is four kilometers. Walking is the only option for getting to Cala Llebeig (or sea). The walk provides stunning 360-degree views of the coastline and the vegetation typical of the Mediterranean region. Caves that were used by fishermen centuries ago can still be visited today. The Route of the Cliffs is a short trail off the coast of Benitachell that leads from Cala Moraig to Cala Llebeig and back again. The total distance of the trail is four kilometers. Walking is the only option for getting to Cala Llebeig (or sea). The walk provides stunning 360-degree views of the coastline and the vegetation typical of the Mediterranean region. Caves that were used by fishermen centuries ago can still be visited today. Due to the fact that it follows a cliff and has some hazardous sections, this hike is not appropriate for people of all ages or physical states (slippery).

La Cala Beach

A walk to the beach of Moraig de Benitachell from El Portet in Benitachell. The distance is roughly four kilometers, and the time required to complete it is approximately three hours. 15 minutes total, including travel time. This route takes travelers through one of the most picturesque and eye-catching parts of the surrounding countryside before terminating at La Cala Beach. In Moraira, the Cami de la Viuda is the road that you will pass on your way to the beach of El Portet. The walking tour will begin at this point. Keep going uphill in the direction of Calle Canario; the path will be signposted after that. You are getting close to one of the last areas that preserves a significant portion of the coastline of the Mediterranean, and it features a grove of white pines or oaks, esparto grass, palmito, kermes oak, rosemary, and lavender, amongst other plant species. There is a profusion of a wide variety of wildflowers during the springtime.


In Teulada, if you take the street called Calle Calvo Sotelo, you will end up on the road called Castellons. Along this path, you will find the windmill known as Moli dels Castellons, which is the only one that still stands out of the five that were in operation during the 19th century. The panoramic views from this mill are truly breathtaking.

La Font L’horta

During this tour, you will have the opportunity to visit some of the region’s iconic mansions as well as farms. From Plaza Jaume I square in Teulada you take Calle Benarrisc. You can find the beginning of the river path that will lead you to the Font de I’Horta along the river bed just downstream from here. A natural spring can be found here, and the surrounding area is very peaceful. You can reach the Cami del Pouet de Moro road by traveling along the Cami del Boticari road. Following the road that leads from Teulada to Benimarco, you will continue on it until you reach the rural farmhouse that is located between Benissa and Teulada.

Font Santa

Following the Cami de la Sisca road from Teulada, you will find the Cami de Les Rotgetes road heading in the direction of Moraira. You will arrive at the Font de La Jana, a source where the original watering place has been preserved, after traveling along this peaceful route. You will arrive at the Font Santa, a place of pilgrimage, once you have crossed the track. This location owes its beginnings to a miracle that was performed by San Vicente Ferrer. A chapel that dates back to the 19th century can be found right next to the well.


From Teulada, you will follow the Cami del Pas road, either on foot or in a car. This is a pleasant route on which you can learn about the riurau’s that are typical of the La Marina Alta region. In addition, you will be able to observe the traditional construction of a terrace comprised of a vine and an almond tree here. On the street called Calle Benimarfull, you will be taken aback by one of the most breathtaking panoramic views that the area has to offer. You then proceed along Calle Beniganim street and Cami de Fanadix road, both of which provide excellent opportunities to take in the surrounding environment. In the end, you will find yourself in the creek of Cala Andrago, which leads out to the ocean.

Vall de les Sortes

A hiking trail that runs parallel to the Cami de La Camarrocha road, Calle Guadalajara, and the intersection of Calle Gerona can be found winding its way through this valley. This valley, which has been designated as a natural area preserve, is traversed by the road that connects Teulada and Moraira.

Out And About Moraira

Moraira Information

Moraira is a tiny, upscale Spanish seaside town in the Marina Alta Zone, which is part of the Teulada (sometimes known as Teulada-Moraira) municipality. Alicante, to the south, and Valencia, to the north, are almost exactly halfway between each other. It is a tourist destination on the Costa Blanca strip, with an 8-kilometer stretch of shoreline surrounded by mountains and vineyards. For many years, foreign clients and local families have chosen it as one of the healthiest places to live due to its unique microclimate and year-round sunshine. It’s unusual to discover such a pristine stretch of coastline approximately one hour from two international airports. Once you’ve arrived, the town offers a wealth of golden beaches, year-round sunlight, and a wide range of dining and leisure opportunities.

Culture in Moraira

Moraira, in Spain’s northern Costa Blanca, has a permanent population of roughly 14,000 people as of 2013, however this number more than triples during the summer months to 45,000. The bulk of visitors to Moraira are Spanish, English, German, Dutch, and French, with a large proportion of retired Ex Pats residing here permanently. In 2014, we’re seeing a surge in demand for family vacation homes and newly retired couples looking for a slice of paradise while remaining close to home. Younger families are also settling in Moraira, bringing with them fresh prospects and enthusiasm to the sleepy town.

Historical Moraira

Moraira’s historic roots as a fishing community are still visible; its fish market is one of the most popular on the Costa Blanca, and the harbour is home to five fishing vessels. Moraira is also known for its Muscatel grapes, which are used to make wine.

It’s unusual to come across a place like this in today’s world. Unlike its neighboring towns of Javea, Calpe, and Denia, Moraria has remained a niche and sought-after destination for visitors from around the world. Due to the demand from this global audience, property prices have stayed consistent throughout the recession.

Upscale Moraira

Moraira prides itself on being “upscale,” and there’s a lot of truth to that. Northern Europeans make up the majority of the population, with a few Spaniards and Russians thrown in for good measure. Many are in their latter years, prosperous, and living the good life. During the summer months, the grandchildren arrive, tourists flock in droves, and the area becomes very crowded and touristy. It’s quite sleepy in the winter, and a lot of places close down.

Great restaurants, luxurious villas, and high-end automobiles abound in Moraira and the surrounding affluent neighborhoods of Moravit, Cap Blanc, and San Jaime. The town center is lovely and easily accessible by foot. El Portet is a lovely cove nearby with a great beach and numerous eateries.

Moraira appears to have been lightly touched by El Crisis. While some property owners struggle to sell and move on, wealthy newcomers construct multi-million euro houses on prime plots. Tourism is still the most important business activity in the area, followed by real estate brokers and a variety of services for property owners.