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LEC League European Championship In the LEC’s inaugural season we have seen it all. With the near conclusion of the regular season, we take a look at the Top 10 players of the league. The list is also entirely subjective and can have inconsistencies with what others think. The way I looked at the list was with the idea that these players should be in contention for MVP, not just because of their individual play, but also by showing their worth to their teams. #1 Xerxe Xerxe Splyce LoL Position: Jungle Team: Splyce Splyce was one of the most underrated teams coming into the franchised LEC and many didn’t believe that this team could perform to the level of Fnatic, G2, and Origen. It feels like Splyce has been on a mission to prove everyone wrong. A significant contributor to this is Xerxe, who is the best jungler in the LEC. League happens to be a team game, but when Xerxe can dictate the pace, you know that Splyce will be on the front foot. Xerxe leads the Jungle position in KDA, Kill Participation, Gold Difference @10, and EXP Difference @10, while also sporting the lowest death percentage in the role. Xerxe has helped Splyce become one of the top teams in the league and will be fascinating to watch in the playoffs. #2 Caps Caps G2 Esports LoL Position: Mid Lane Team: G2 Esports It is hard to argue against the inclusion of Caps as one of the best players in the LEC. Ever since leaving Fnatic for G2, Caps has shown how much his signing has meant for G2. G2 have hit the ground running and are sitting in first place for the playoffs. Caps has pulled some incredible 1v9 performances and has a strong understanding of the overall map. However, he has encountered times where he overextends and has cost G2 games. Overall, the addition of Caps has helped G2 have a shot to dominate the region once again. #3 Nukeduck Nukeduck Origen LoL Position: Mid Lane Team: Origen Is this finally the year of the duck? Whether you want the meme dead or want it to finally come through, we have seen glimpses that Nukeduck can accomplish just about anything. He has crushed Caps in lane with a fascinating Zed performance but has also shown some downsides when Origen failed to pick up wins towards the beginning of the season. When he brings his best it feels that Nukeduck is not able to be brought down, but the main thing he’s lacking is consistent performances. #4 Kobbe Kobbe Splyce LoL Position: ADC Team: Splyce Kobbe has been destroying it in the bot lane. This is in part because he has some help from Norskeren to navigate through the laning phase. Kobbe has put up some monster performances against some of the other top ADCs in the league, Perkz and Upset being the most recent ones. Maintaining the second highest KDA in the league for ADCs […]