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Introducing Calpe

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Calpe Beaches

Calpe’s shorelines resemble strewn sand with a few rocks thrown in for good measure, where children love to play and catch small fish. A variety of Spanish bars and eateries line the shoreline, serving both local and foreign cuisine from morning espresso to late-night suppers. Three brilliant shorelines run the length of the coast, ending at the stone. You can meander along the length of the seafront, taking in the massive marina and the old angling port, thanks to the cutting-edge promenade lined with bistro bars and eateries.

The two fantastic sandy Calpe shorelines on either side of the stone are the reason why the vast majority go ahead occasion to Calpe – the shorelines are of excellent sand and the waters are spotless. The beaches are so long and wide that, unlike the neighboring town of Benidorm, you can easily find a spot on the beach. The facilities along the shorelines are amazing, with several play areas for children right on the sand.

Calpe’s beaches are breathtaking, and they consistently show a blue flag, indicating that they have been certified as perfect by the European Foundation for Environmental Education. They are surrounded by a variety of eateries, bars, and clubs that offer a wide range of food, drink, and entertainment.

There are also two main beaches in Calpe, the Levante Beach and the Arenal Beach, both of which are separated by the Ifach Rock. These beaches are well-kept and the ocean is crystal clear. In August, however, there isn’t much room left due to the Spanish Holidays, and both beaches are fully packed with a diverse assortment of sun umbrellas.

Penon de Ifach

Calpe’s most well-known and visible feature is the massive Penon de ifach rock. The stone is located 332 meters above sea level. If you are an active vacationer, a walk to the highest point of the Penon de Ifach can be a big event. Calpe is detected in a split second by the massive Penon de Ifach, which rises 332 meters out of the Mediterranean Sea. This has guarded the town and seen its transformation from a sleepy small angling town to a tourist hot-spot.

The Rock of Ifach, which has been compared to the Rock of Gibraltar, was declared a nature reserve in 1987 and now serves as a haven for a variety of winged animals and unusually diverse vegetation. There’s an amazing strolling course for the enthusiastic that takes you through a passage in the stone and all the way to the very top!

This volcanic stone, known as Penon de Ifach (Ifach Rock), stands at over 335 meters tall and is the largest rock in the Mediterranean. It is so similar to the stone of Gibraltar, which is situated farther south, that the Phoenicians called it the Northern Rock in order to differentiate it. It is now a Nature Reserve because of its rare plants and the populations of ocean fowls that live there.

If you’re feeling up to it, you can try rock climbing and climb the Ifach, which stands at 332 meters and offers views of Ibiza on a clear day. Despite the fact that the first step of the ascension to the passage is energizing and takes just over 60 minutes, the views of Calpe from the top are spectacular; however, be careful because the second phase of the ascension involves a path over the passage that has no security features and can be extremely dangerous. It is not recommended for children, the elderly, or those who are physically unfit.

Calpe Old Town

Calpe has an old town as well as another part of town to visit. The old town is densely filled with Spanish-style shops selling Spanish goods as well as Spanish eateries serving regional cuisine. You will visit museums and galleries, as well as take a tour of the town’s historical history.

You won’t be surprised to learn that Calpe was established as an angling town. Despite the fact that it has absorbed tourism and a large influx of European residents, it retains its identity through the nearby fish business sector, which is held at the port every evening, and the Saturday advertise, which is buzzing with activity.

Calpe Fish Market

The well-known Calpe fish market is also located on one side of the stone. Calpe was once a small angling area, and the angling vessels still bring in their catch every day, and you can even watch the fish barters on the quay and buy the fresh fish for yourself. The raw fish is displayed in front of the Calpe eateries, and you indicate which plate you need, after which it is returned to the kitchen to be cooked. Calpe is just twenty minutes from Benidorm, far enough away to make tracks in the opposite direction from all the commotion but near enough for a day trip or two.


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