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How To Rent A Car On The Costa Blanca

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Car Rental on the Costa Blanca: Best Tips

Here are a few pointers for finding a cheap car rental on the Costa Blanca.


Rent a car as soon as possible on the Costa Blanca.

It is always a smart idea to book your car rental as soon as you arrive on the Costa Blanca. Prices would certainly be even higher and there will be fewer car choices if you wait until you arrive at the Alicante or Valencia airports to book your car. When you know when you’ll be visiting the Costa Blanca, it’s a good idea to book your car ahead of time.


What kind of vehicle do you get?

Smaller vehicles are normally the first to be purchased. The explanation for this is that most people believe that the smallest vehicles are the most affordable. Many people are unaware that a mid-size vehicle may be as economical as a compact car. Remember that the whole family must be able to relax together without having to carry their bags on their laps.


Where can I find the cheapest car rental on the Costa Blanca?

In most cases, booking your car rental online prior to your arrival on the Costa Blanca is the most cost-effective option.


Where do I go to get my car?

The most convenient choice is to pick up your car at the airports of Alicante or Valencia. This eliminates the need for additional transportation to and from the airport, and it is usually less expensive than using a nearby Costa Blanca provider. We provide a free home delivery service anywhere on the Costa Blanca North, as well as at the Alicante and Valencia airports, if you have already arrived at your destination.


Are there any infant chairs, GPS, or other extras?

The rental of GPS, infant seats, and other extra equipment is costly. Renting is typically more costly than purchasing. We suggest that you carry it from home or purchase it at one of the Costa Blanca’s shopping centers so that you can save it for your next outing. Child seats, GPS, and other additional equipment usually cost about + 5 euros a day.


What you should know if you need a second driver.

You should be mindful of two things if you want to share your driving experience while on vacation on the Costa Blanca. The first is that it costs more per day per driver, and the second is that this person must be over 22 years old and have kept a valid driver’s license for at least two years. When you pick up the car, the second driver, as well as the primary driver, must be present.


After booking, you will get an e-mail confirmation.

It is important that you print out your confirmation e-mail and read it closely after you have made your rental car reservation to ensure that all of the information is right. It is much easier to change your order in advance than it is to wait before you arrive on the Costa Blanca to pick up your ride.


Use a credit card to pay for your auto rental.

When renting a car on the Costa Blanca, you can purchase additional coverage by using your credit card. If the car rental firm does not provide you with what was settled upon, you have the legal right to file a lawsuit with the creditor. You can try to fix the problem first, but if that fails, you should go to your bank. You will file a lawsuit with the Financial Services Complaint Board if the bank denies the appeal. If you purchased the service in an EU or EEA region, you can also file a complaint with the European Consumer Centre.


When I pick up my rental car, what do I bring?

• Passport

• Credit card

• Driver’s license

• Acknowledgment of your reservation


Look for any apparent impact to the car.

It is important to inspect your rental car for damage after you have received the keys. To keep a record of the damage to the vehicle, take pictures and videos on your cameras. It takes just 5 minutes, but it is incredibly helpful in avoiding problems. Also see that you should photograph and film your rental car before using it.


In Spain, drive carefully.

Many other European countries do not have the same driving tradition as Spain. It’s also necessary to take it easy on unfamiliar roads in a foreign country. Spaniards have a reputation for being more violent drivers. To stop any potential dangers or problems, take it easy.


On the Costa Blanca, there are toll roads.

Toll roads are referred to as ‘toll road,’ ‘toll road,’ and occasionally freeway, but the term ‘toll’ is the most common meaning that you must pay a toll. All toll roads must have a letter P after the form of road on maps and road signs. The A-33, for example, is open, but the AP-34 is a toll road.


Fines on driving violations

Traffic fines may be imposed for a variety of infractions, ranging from minor to serious, as they are in almost every region.

• Speeding

• Not wearing seat belts

• Double parking

• Illegal parking

• Drinking and driving

• Reckless driving

• Failure to yield the right-of-way

• Having more passengers than allowed

• Running a red light

• Failure to stop at a stop sign

• Driving under the influence of drugs

You could even face a fine if you refill at a gas station. You will be charged up to 200 euros and lose three points on your driver’s license if you drink, use a mobile phone, or have the radio or lights on.


When it’s time to return the rental car.

It is important to return the vehicle in the same condition as you got it. Take photographs and videos of the car so you can track its state before you return it.


Make sure your statement is correct.

It’s important to double-check if all deposits have been returned to you, that your account has been debited for the correct rental sum, and that all is as stated in your reservation confirmation after you’ve returned home from your Costa Blanca holiday.

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