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Getting Your Spanish Driver’s License Over Sixty-Five

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Getting Your Spanish Drivers License Over Sixty Five

Everything you need to know about the driving license for people over the age of 65.

Are you 65 or older and wish to receive your driver’s license? Or, on the other hand, you want to renew it but don’t know when your license will expire? Do you need particular medical standards and the same expenses for license renewal?

Spanish Driving License Above The Age Of 65

If you are 65 or older, one piece of good news is that there is no age limit for driving in Spain. However, in order to obtain and renew a driver’s license, you must be physically and mentally fit, as well as possess the requisite driving skills (regardless of age).

Although holding a driver’s license and being able to drive your vehicle does not depend on your age as much as it does on your physical abilities and driving skills, when you reach the age of 65, you will face a number of challenges when obtaining and renewing your license.

Below, we will examine all you need to know about the driving license for adults 65 and older, including license renewal periods, required medical examinations, how to arrange an appointment, and the unique characteristics of each type of car and license.

How Often Renew Spanish Driver’s License Over 65?

As stated at the beginning, there is no age limit in Spain for driving a car on the country’s roads, but age does not exempt the driver from having to meet a set of conditions that differ from those that must be satisfied by another person under the age of 65.

The maximum periods of validity for renewing driving licenses are one of the different requirements to be met if you are 65 years old or older.

The DGT plans to enhance the frequency of the driver’s medical check-ups, as well as his driving skills, using this measure to ensure that the experienced driver possesses the required attributes to drive and offer safety for himself and others.

As a result, whereas drivers of conventional passenger automobiles under the age of 65 have a 10-year driving license validity term, this period is cut in half when they reach the age of 65 or older.

The following are the maximum validity periods for drivers over the age of 65, depending on the type of license you have:

License Renewal is Valid for 5 years:

For vehicle, motorbike, and motorcycle licenses (AM, A1, A2, A, B), as well as all driver’s licenses, medical and driving skills examinations will be performed.

License Renewal is Valid for Three Years:

If the license categories include professional licenses such as bus and truck, medical and aptitude checks will be more frequent for those aged 65 and up (C, C1, D, D1, EC, EC1, ED, ED1, etc.).
What form of medical examination must you pass to renew your driver’s license if you are 65 or older?

If you are 65 or older, you do not need to worry about passing specific medical tests because of your age, because in Spain, the medical examination that all persons must pass, as well as the criteria that are examined, are the same for any driver, regardless of age.

Spanish Drivers License Over the Age of 65

As previously stated, once you reach the age of 65, the validity periods of driving licenses are reduced, and if an illness or problem that impairs driving skills is discovered during the medical examination, it will not necessarily prevent the renewal of the driving license, but it may be aggravated, and thus the period of validity of the license may become even shorter.

The payment of driving license renewal fees will also be reduced in this situation.

If you are 70 or older, you will be fully free from paying traffic fines while renewing your driver’s license; you will only have to pay for the medical examination.

What steps must you take to renew your driver’s license if you are above the age of 65?
Don’t be concerned about renewing your driver’s license if you are 65 or older. All of the documentation is the same as for any other renewal, regardless of the driver’s age.

To Renew your License, Do the Following:

You must go to an Authorized Driver Recognition Center and specify that you want to renew your driver’s license. You can complete your renewal in one of these centers. Once there, you will be photographed and paid for all medical and traffic fees (you will be exempt from paying any fees if you are 70 years of age or older). After passing the medical exam and paying the necessary costs, you will be issued a provisional driver’s license.


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