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Get to Know the City of Benidorm

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City of Benidorm

Alicante region in southern Spain is home to Benidorm, which was founded in the 1960s and is a relatively young city, with the first structures constructed just a few years after the city’s founding. These days, the town has evolved and developed into a popular tourist destination on the Spanish Mediterranean coast, where it can be located. In many cases, individuals have preconceived notions about Benidorm based on media portrayals, and most tourists are shocked by how varied this city on the coast is. With several water parks, animal parks, luxury yacht and boat cruises, as well as an exciting nightlife, there is enough to keep everyone entertained in and around Benidorm and the surrounding area.

This once sleepy fishing community is frequently referred to be the “birthplace of package tourism,” owing to the rapid expansion it saw beginning in the 1960s. It has since grown into a significant resort north of Alicante, with hundreds of property options available for ambitious international homeowners to take advantage of.

The finest part of Benidorm to stay in is the waterfront section, which is owing to the magnificent 6km coastline that stands in front of you. The beaches have all been awarded the “Blue Flag,” which signifies that they are among the safest and cleanest seas on the globe, providing visitors with peace of mind. The beach is lined by five-star hotels after five-star hotels, each of which offers panoramic views of the surrounding area since they are among the highest buildings in Benidorm. The location of this hotel is convenient for visiting a variety of tourist sites and nearby markets, retail malls, restaurants, and bars.

Benidorm’s Waterfront

After arriving in this beautiful coastal town resort, you will want to go right down to the beach where you will be greeted with crystal clear blue waves and wonderful golden beaches. There are two beaches in Benidorm, and they are Levante and Poniente, both of which have been received the prestigious ‘Blue Flag’ distinction, as previously mentioned. As a result, Levante beach is quite popular with the younger population and consequently somewhat vibrant, whilst Poniente beach is more popular with families and residents. The promenade along the waterfront is fantastic since it allows you to enjoy nice romantic stroll at sunset while also taking some fantastic photographs.

Also along the waterfront are a number of small booths and businesses that offer a variety of beach-related items, from suntan lotion to sunglasses, and everything in between. There are also a large number of merchants that come to you on the beach and offer items such as water, beer, and other sorts of cuisine. A broad variety of water sports are available, with several firms sprinkled around the beach that provide jet-skiing, banana-boar riding, windsurfing, diving, and snorkeling, to name a few.

Benidorm Activities

Water and wildlife parks can be found all over Benidorm, and the Terra Natura is one of the most popular due to its extensive range of animal species to see, as well as its massive and fun water park with slides of varying lengths and gradients. Terra Natura is also home to a massive and fun water park with slides of varying lengths and gradients. At the same location, you will get the opportunity to swim alongside sea lions and other sorts of marine creatures. Terra Mitica is yet another massive theme park, with no less than thirty rides ranging from water rapids to ultra-fast roller coasters at terrifying heights. Terra Mitica is a must-see for anybody who loves theme parks. There are also several boat and yacht tours that depart from the port and take you along the coast as well as to the islands off the coast of Benidorm, some of which are home to animal reserves and nature parks. In the streets near the coastline, there are street markets that operate throughout the week as well as on weekends, where you can get inexpensive items like as shoes, watches, clothing, and jewelry, as well as food booths.

Benidorm’s Nightlife

When it comes to nightlife, Benidorm is widely renowned for its extraordinarily vibrant presence, with a variety of events taking place along the promenade, including musicians, comedians, characterchures, magicians, and other entertainers who keep the public entertained. Nightlife in this city is legendary, with over a thousand establishments to dine and drink at, the majority of which include live music and other types of entertainment like as karaoke and comedy shows. Make a point of trying to go to the Benidorm Palace at least once during your stay since it is home to a Las Vegas-style cabaret and dinner show, as well as a range of other acts and shows to see and enjoy while in town.

Benidorm Restaurants & Bars

The waterfront area is densely packed with restaurants, many of which serve typical wonderful tapas as well as cuisines from throughout the world, including Italian, French, Chinese, Dutch, African, and English. Why not conclude your day with a drink by the beach and watch the sun set after a day of sunbathing and swimming? There are several pubs and bars to choose from, with many of them having themes such as Irish bars and sports bars, while still serving conventional pub fare. There are several hotels along the beachfront, and the rates are competitive, making them some of the most affordable in the nation. The hotels in this area have the most spectacular views of the sea, and the majority of them are quite tall, providing incredible panoramic vistas. With the highest concentration of five-star hotels in the city, you can expect great customer service, spacious rooms, swimming pools, and high-quality cuisine..

Districts Of Benidorm

The beach of Levante, which translates as “rise” and from where you can see the dawn, is the most popular among British tourists. The beach, which stretches from the beginning of the Old Town to the Rincon de Loix, features excellent golden sand, loungers and sunshades to rent, lifeguards on duty, and is surrounded by cafés, bars, and restaurants. It is a popular tourist destination. There are some of them that are pretty loud, and people from the party pour out onto the promenade. Some establishments provide live entertainment. Here, at the Rincon de Loix end, you may find a permanent water ski course, as well as opportunities to engage in other watersports like as parasailing, jet skiing, and banana boating. This is where travelers are picked up by the ferry boat to the island during the summer months.

The entertainment district, which includes the majority of the prominent hotels, is located a couple of blocks back from the beach. Due to the fact that it has only expanded since the 1960s, this region is referred to as “new town.” Previously, there were a few homes and orange orchards on the property. It currently caters mostly to tourists from the United Kingdom, and there are a plethora of nightclubs and pubs where cabaret artists play into the early hours of the morning.

Benidorm’s Old Town

Visiting the old town is undoubtedly worthwhile even if you do not intend to stay there, since it is quite popular and bustling both during the day and at night. Due to its location atop a spectacular headland, the ancient town is a popular destination for those looking for the greatest views and photographs of Benidorm and the surrounding region. The oldest church in town, San Jamie, can be located in this section of town. It is distinguished by its distinctive blue dome on top, as well as its beautiful interior and exterior. This area of town has some of the most historic buildings, so bring your camera if you plan on exploring it.

The major shopping center is located in the old town, which is often crowded due to the large number of businesses, malls, and marketplaces that offer a wide variety of goods such as jewelry, clothing, electronics, food, and other items, among other things. In addition to the main plaza, which is one of the greatest sites to begin your exploration, the old town is part of the ‘gay village,’ and there are many unusual and entertaining drinking establishments to explore.

Beaches in Benidorm

In addition to water sports, the twin beaches of Playa de Levante and Playa de Poniente are flanked with bars, promenades, and other amenities. This 5km length of sand is home to a variety of water sports and other activities. On the outskirts of the city, there is also a range of water and amusement parks, making it an excellent choice for families. Despite the fact that many British visitors come in the summer and that the permanent population is two-thirds Spanish, there are still 5,000 British residents, indicating that the overall culture is rather diversified.

Of course, Benidorm is probably definitely best known for its vibrant nightlife scene, which is why it is so popular. There are several well-known pubs and nightclubs in the vicinity, and the resort is particularly well-known for its cabaret acts, which can be seen at the Benidorm Palace, which is located in the heart of the resort. Furthermore, the extensive selection of stores, which includes numerous designer labels, distinguishes Benidorm as a premier shopping destination. The renowned Tapas Alley is representative of the variety of cuisines offered in Benidorm’s old town, where the small lanes and more calm environment provide a welcome relief from the hustle and bustle of life in the modern section of the city.

Benidorm Summary

Benidorm is normally serviced by Alicante International Airport, which is around 45 minutes away by car, while Valencia International Airport, which is almost double the distance, is also an alternative. Generally speaking, the climate is favorable, with temperatures reaching as high as 29°C on occasion in the summer, however temperatures in the winter may dip to as low as 7-8°C. Benidorm, as a place to live, would surely appeal to certain people more than others, depending on their preferences. Even though it is far from isolated, it may seem quite tourist-oriented in many areas, despite the presence of genuine components of Spanish culture. The nightlife may also be a threat, as many visitors mistakenly believe that the amenities are an invitation to spend an extended period of time in the city. Despite this, it is a vibrant community with a diverse range of activities and a diverse range of lifestyle options.

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