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Explanada de España

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The grand La Explanada de Espana is Alicante’s heart and soul. This elegant boulevard, which extends across the harbour and features 6.6 million red, black, and cream tiles, refuses to go unnoticed. It is the most well-known and historically significant of all the promenades in Alicante. The concept for La Explanada de Espana came from municipal artist José Guardiola Picó, who created the ideal setting for the romantic Spanish paseo in 1867. (an evening stroll). It’s a sight to behold, with dramatic marble tiles depicting Mediterranean waves and rows of palm trees offering shade even in the heat of summer!

Stalls selling native handicrafts jostle with pavement cafes, while locals catching up with friends for the occasional mingle mingle with visitors soaking up the atmosphere as you stroll down the Explanada. During the summer, spend an afternoon or a Sunday morning sitting in the shade at the music marquee, where you can listen to free concerts held there or at the city’s various fiestas. Immerse yourself in the usual party environment that surrounds La Explanada.

The Explanada de Espana, which is included in each handbook, is the place to be. The beautiful route from one end of the harbour to the other is the focus of attention in Alicante. Locals and visitors alike enjoy strolling along the path, which is mottled with sunlight streaming through the palm fronds. It’s a lovely walk that’s far away from the busy streets and the harbour.

There are some charming cafés on the mall with excellent outside seating for a fee, so keep an eye out for holidaymaker rates – or carry your own picnic from the Mercado Central down here and enjoy it on one of the many benches. A walk along this stretch is a must-do on any journey to Alicante!


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