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camion cuba vaciado limpieza pozos

Desatascos El Tiburón

Septic tank maintenance.


Inspections with color T.V. camera equipment.
Recordings on DVD, and reports of the inspections with t.v. camera.
Detection of hidden manholes, pits, wells, cracks, problems inside pipes, etc...
Cleanings and uncloggings with machine of springs (in dry for interiors without floods) with special heads, of pipes like:
General drains of kitchens, galleries, bathrooms, pluvial... sinks, washing machines, w.c., toilets, sinks, drains, general pipes, siphons, eliminating obstructions of all kinds being the most common detergents and roots.
Maintenance contracts for the cleaning of all types of pipes, manholes and pumping.
Pressurized water cleaning of pipes, sewers, pavements, asphalts, etc...
Emptying of septic tanks, wells, siphon chambers, decanters, ponds full of mud.
Cleaning of drinking water cisterns by disinfecting them, fiber tanks, swimming pools, etc...
Repair of pipes without works with paker system.
Milling of connections, loose rubber, cement, etc...
Transport of hazardous waste such as hydrocarbons, washing, sludge, etc...
Cleaning of hot water pipes due to lime scale which produces a lack of pressure and flow, not allowing to turn on the heater.
Location of drinking water leaks by means of thermographic camera and trace gas.
We have hammer compressor to open hidden manholes and pits as well as we make records in pvc pipes and Uralita or cement at the same time that the work is done leaving the problem solved and the pipe repaired.

Exclusive service

We are the only company in the sector throughout the country that has the material, personnel and accreditation necessary to perform special work at height or confined spaces.


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Septic Tank Services

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