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The Costa Blanca is one of the most desirable destinations in Spain for property investors, with foreign buyers accounting for around 17 percent of all acquisitions of local homes in 2019. Costa Blanca is well-known for its beautiful beaches and resorts, and with good reason. It is thought that this is the location with the warmest waters in all of Europe. Apart from that, this area is also ideal for permanent residency, owing to its low costs and a broad range of different types of houses for sale, including:

Costa Blanca Real Estate

The Costa Blanca is the most sought-after location for British property investors. What is it about it that we adore? First and foremost, the weather is just perfect. You may anticipate sunshine on at least 320 days every year, with frost almost seldom occurring, and summer temperatures that are moderated by a cool wind from the sea. A game of golf may be played in any weather conditions, regardless of how hot or cold it is outside.

The Costa Blanca is an affordable option for property, allowing many of us to afford both a vacation house and a permanent residence here in the United Kingdom. In the event that you wish to visit Alicante for a long weekend, the airport operates flights all year long, even from the most remote rural airports in the United Kingdom.

A diverse range of homes are available along its 200 kilometers of coastline, catering to a diverse range of homebuyers and investors. More mountainous than the Costa Blanca South, the Costa Blanca North is more mountainous than the Costa Blanca South, with pine trees flowing down to lovely coves and beaches surrounded by historic fishing communities.

Costa Blanca Homes

Locals in the more northerly towns, such as Javéa and Denia, are just far enough away from the airport to discourage long-term visitors, making them more desirable to permanent residents and retirees. However, while we may think of this as excellent vacation-home area, they are also bustling Spanish communities that have maintained their ancient way of life.

When visitors drive up from Alicante and see the tower blocks of Benidorm shimmering in the heat haze for the first time, some get a rush of exhilaration, while others experience a shudder. Among the many reasons that the town of Benidorm has remained so popular for more than half a century is that its bold and energetic local authorities maintain a high level of quality while keeping the atmosphere alive. The town also has Spain’s tallest and most striking residential tower block, the Intempo Tower, which stands 47 stories high.

The Costa Blanca is flatter and hotter than the Costa del Sol, but it is also more cheap than the Costa del Sol. Resorts such as Torrevieja and Orihuela Costa are geared to providing visitors with a good time. Apart from the magnificent beaches, there are various inexpensive golf courses, marinas, waterparks and family entertainment options to enjoy in the area.

You may spend your days sitting outside sunny cafés all morning, then head out to the golf course in the afternoon, perhaps go sailing or fishing from your kayak in the evening, all while looking forward to your grandkids visiting for half-term. This is the coast for you.

Purchase a Home on the Costa Blanca

Historically, the Costa Blanca has been one of the most popular Spanish coasts for international property purchasers, and this has been the case since the first visitors arrived in Benidorm in the 1960s. However, although encompassing 200 kilometres of coastline, the terrain, beaches, villages, and resorts differ from one area to the next, and each has its own set of followers.

There is an airport in the heart of the city, with year-round flights from every area of the United Kingdom, making it accessible for a long and healthy retirement or short vacations in your vacation property. Is it more convenient for you to turn left or right in Alicante when you arrive; are you more inclined to travel to the northern or southern Costa Blanca?

Costa Blanca Highlights

The Costa Blanca’s northernmost region, known as the ‘white coast’ because of its sandy beaches, spans from the city of Alicante all the way up to the town of Denia. It is well-known for its beautiful beaches, delectable cuisine and beverages, and year-round sunlight. For this reason, it is considered one of the healthiest areas in the world by the World Health Organization (WHO). Many people believe that good-value homes are no longer available, however there are still deals to be found.

In the north of the Costa Blanca, you’ll be able to take advantage of the year-round weather, tasty food, and beautiful beaches that the region has to offer.

Living on the Costa Blanca

Purchasing property in the northern reaches of the Costa Blanca is particularly appealing due to the fact that it has been officially designated as a ‘excellent for your health’ location. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the Costa Blanca has “as close to a flawless environment as it is feasible to attain.”

The mix of year-round sunlight, salty air, and low humidity makes for a wonderful experience. People who suffer from respiratory illnesses such as asthma, skin disorders such as eczema and psoriasis, and other health conditions such as rheumatism, arthritis, and heart-related difficulties should be extra cautious. You’ll also have access to some of the top healthcare available anywhere in the globe. Not surprising given that Spain spends about 10% of its GDP on healthcare and ranks sixth in the EU for doctors per 1,000 inhabitants, with four physicians for every 1,000 people.

The Mediterranean diet will be enjoyable for you. Fresh fruits and vegetables, freshly caught fish, whole grains, nuts, and oils are all readily available, all of which may be washed down with locally produced wine, of course. Spain has the greatest life expectancy at birth in Europe – and is only second to Japan in the world in terms of life expectancy at birth. Because of the ideal combination of weather and nutrition, this goal becomes more attainable!

The Costa Blanca North is also ideal for golf enthusiasts, with a total of ten golf courses located between Jávea and Alicante in the region. The majority of them are situated near enough to the shore to enjoy wonderful ocean views as well as a very pleasant sea breeze.

The Costa Blanca is an Excellent Investment

While Spain undoubtedly suffered the full brunt of the global financial crisis in 2007, the nation continues to provide a unique opportunity for investors to acquire low-cost real estate. Property investment opportunities in the country are frequently ranked as one of the greatest in the world. Why? Spain, on the other hand, boasts an abundance of beaches! The entire Costa Blanca is 212 kilometers in length, and that is only one section of coastline. This equates to millions of people flocking to the area year after year to enjoy some well-deserved beach time.

On order to make a profit from your property investment in the Costa Blanca, you must be aware that the region’s developing tourism sector will provide you with a high level of visitor traffic as well as a large rental income. Over 82 million visitors visited Spain in 2017 – a large number of whom were coming to the Costa Blanca…and every single one of them need lodging!

The Best Places to Buy A Home on the Costa Blanca


Moraira is an excellent location for purchasing property on the Costa Blanca’s northern reaches since it is tiny, tranquil, and has a fantastic beach. Moraira is an excellent location for purchasing property on the Costa Blanca’s northern reaches since it is tiny, tranquil, and has a fantastic beach. This charming village is conveniently positioned around 80 kilometers north of Alicante and 110 kilometers south of Valencia. It has managed to retain its status as one of the most unspoiled resorts on the Costa Blanca. The town’s 8-kilometer stretch of shoreline is framed by mountains and home to some genuinely world-class eateries. Many Northern Europeans have settled in the city. You’ll discover that it’s particularly popular with retirees and those who desire a bit of the tranquil life while yet being close enough to the city’s lights. The region is also well-known for its vineyards, with the Muscatel grape in particular being a must-try!


Calpe’s stunning setting, which is surrounded by a diverse selection of housing options, makes it an excellent spot to invest in real estate in the north of the Costa Blanca. If you’re looking for a tranquil location on the seaside that’s surrounded by mountains and vineyards, Calpe could be the place for you. There are 11 kilometers of coves and beaches to explore, as well as a marina with several pubs and cafés. In addition, there is a beautiful street market where you can have all of your shopping and souvenir requirements met. The town is particularly well-known for its amazing food, which has earned it the title of ‘capital of Mediterranean gastronomy’ according to Traveller magazine. There are other types of seafood to try, like arr’s del Senyoret, that are worth your time.


Altea is a very original Spanish village, complete with whitewashed homes that date back hundreds of years. Altea is one of the most picturesque towns on the Costa Blanca’s northern coast. In addition to sand and pebbly beaches that are overlooked by a broad promenade and bustling marina, the town has both an old and a new section to it. The cobblestone alleyways of the Old Town will lead you to the majestic church and plaza at the top of the hill. Views of the sea and mountains may be enjoyed from this location. Altea is home to a plethora of top-notch eateries as well as charming boutiques that offer the work of local artisans. Apartments are plentiful on the market, and larger villas may be found on the outskirts of town if you look in the right place.


The picturesque harbor of Denia, as well as the surrounding landscape, make it no surprise that it is a popular spot to buy property in the northern Costa Blanca. Its stunning 20-kilometer stretch of rocky and sandy coastline, as well as a lively port and marina, attracts over 40,000 people. Located on the Mediterranean Sea’s coastlines, it has an excellent location. It is surrounded by the mountains of Montgó National Park and the Balearic Islands, which may be seen in the distance. From the marina, you may take a ferry to either Ibiza or Palma de Mallorca. You may also take a tram to destinations like as Alicante, Altea, Benidorm, and Calpe. Several attractive residences can be found in Denia, the most of which are one-story homes with white façades, red-tiled roofs, and porches that provide shade. In addition to the town’s ruined castle, which proudly guards the entrance, there is a charming old district to explore as well as several shops and museums to enjoy when you need to get out of the sun.


This well-known beach resort is strategically placed between Murcia and Alicante, making it a popular destination. It is surrounded by parks, beaches, gardens, and squares, all of which are ideal for taking advantage of the year-round sunshine that characterizes this part of the globe. Torrevieja’s harbor is bustling with activity, and it’s a terrific place to sample some of the finest seafood available on the Costa Blanca. Those suffering from arthritis are believed to find the neighboring salt lakes to be particularly useful.

Santa Pola

This former fishing community is today one of the most popular coastal resorts on the southern Costa Blanca, with a population of more than 200,000 people. Because the port is still an operating port, you can expect eateries to offer up exceptionally fresh and excellent fish. Learn about the city’s 16th-century castle and watchtowers, relax on the 11-kilometer stretch of sandy beaches, or hit the links at one of the surrounding golf courses.


Guadamar’s sand dune bordered beaches, which are located to the north of Torrevieja near the mouth of the River Segura, will make you feel as if you’ve landed in a tropical paradise. Besides its sandy beaches and groomed parks, the town is also known for its numerous restaurants and bars.

Playa Flamenca

Playa Flamenca initially gained prominence in the 1970s, when a group of Flemish investors pooled their resources to transform the once-deserted coastline into a viable tourist attraction for the first time. Watersports lovers, horse riders, and hikers are among the many visitors that flock to the town these days. Playa Flamenca is mostly a residential neighborhood, although it is only a short walk from the beach, stores, bars, and restaurants in the surrounding region. If that isn’t enough, Torrevieja is only a 10-minute drive from the hotel.


Despite the fact that it is close to a number of world-class golf courses, Villamartin continues to be a popular choice for people wanting to buy a home on the Costa Blanca. The town is very popular with Northern European expats, and you’ll discover that many of the houses in the area are utilized primarily as vacation homes or as vacation rental properties.


It is a sunny location where property costs are much lower than in other towns in the vicinity. This has led to a growing population of expatriates calling it home, which has resulted in numerous job openings, the most of which are in the retail and hotel industries.

Pina de Campoverde

This hillside community, which is only 8 kilometers from the ocean, is particularly popular with British and German expats who are searching for larger, detached residences. The community offers everything you might possibly need, including stores and athletic facilities.

Guardamar del Segura

Because of its lovely, sandy beaches, Guardamar del Segura is a popular destination for expats and visitors alike. The highly sought-after neighborhood is home to a diverse range of residences, ranging from vacation rentals to more typical Spanish houses.

Cabo Roig

In the southern Costa Blanca, this beach resort on the Orihuela Costa is near to the towns of La Zenia and Torrevieja, as well as both Murcia and Alicante airports, making it a popular destination for tourists and second-home owners throughout the year. There are blue flag beaches, excellent shopping, exquisite restaurants, and what is undoubtedly the most gorgeous marina on the Costa Blanca, all of which are located in this town. Although apartments predominate in coastal areas, residences in more traditional styles can be seen in areas distant from the water’s edge.


This very modest inland town on the southern Costa Blanca is a destination for golfers and second-home owners due to its location on the golf course. In terms of population, the agricultural town is rather tiny, with only about 2,000 people residing here year round.


Campoamor is ideally located 15 minutes from Murcia International Airport and 35 minutes from Alicante International Airport, on the boundary of the Costa Blanca and the Costa Calida, and is easily accessible by car or public transportation. Here you’ll discover a wide variety of property types, as well as amenities to meet your every need, beautiful golf courses, and pristine beaches.

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