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Costa Blanca AirBnB Tips 2021

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Advice on Using AirBnB in the Costa Blanca

Airbnb is now a household name, with more than two million homes listed in more than 100 countries across the world. You will almost certainly discover the perfect accommodation for your travels in the Costa Blanca, Spain, or even within your own nation. When it comes to renting an Airbnb, there are a variety of benefits. We’ve included a short list of some of the more significant ones below.

What Exactly is Airbnb?

Airbnb is an acronym for Air Bed and Breakfast, which is a type of lodging. The entire concept was conceived in 2008, when a big conference was being held in San Francisco and there was insufficient housing space in traditional hotels and hostels to accommodate everyone. Airbnb has grown into a massive corporation that provides lodging in 191 countries. While the firm does not really own any lodging properties, it acts as a broker, connecting the owners of various properties with people who are looking for accommodations. They now have more than 2,000,000 properties under their control.

So, what exactly is the appeal of Airbnb? Individuals may post (as owners or landlords) and book lodgings through the firm, which describes itself as a “trusted” community marketplace for people to use (as renters). Rooms, suites, cottages, flats, houseboats, yachts, and, yes, even castles are among the many different types of lodgings available to guests.

The host (the person who has posted the accommodation for rent) might be located anywhere in the globe, and doing so is completely free of charge. He may upload photographs (with optional captions) of the property to rent as well as his profile so that prospective renters can learn more about him before making a decision to arrange a rental with him. In addition, he should offer the rental prices (it is entirely up to him how much he will charge), his rental terms (such as the minimum number of nights required, check-in hours, and so on), and his contact details.

The guest or renter can go straight to the Airbnb website, but they must first register in order to be able to reserve any rooms on the website. Airbnb provides a search box where travelers may enter their criteria, such as location, price range, size, number of rooms and amenities, as well as specific phrases such as “beachfront property,” in order to locate available lodgings on the platform. This will filter out all of the available options, and the results will only include the options that the renter is specifically looking for.

As a guest, you have the ability to contact the host via email or cell phone (depending on the information supplied) to ask questions regarding the rental agreement even before you make a reservation. A built-in form in Airbnb allows you to communicate with your host by asking them any inquiries. You can book your Costa Blanca accommodation by clicking on the BOOK IT button and entering your credit card or PayPal details.

Guests pay an additional fee of 6-12 percent on top of their reservation to cover the costs of Airbnb’s customer assistance and host guarantee services. This price is charged only when the host accepts and confirms the reservation request from the guest. In order to pay processing costs, hosts are paid a fee of 3 percent for each reservation. In some places, value-added taxes (VAT) may also be levied against both the hosts and the guests. Furthermore, if you pay in a currency other than the one used by the host, your payment will be subject to the fluctuations in Airbnb’s exchange rates, which are unpredictable.

Price of an AirBnB

The cost of staying at an Airbnb is a compelling enough argument to prefer it over a hotel. Even after including in taxes and cleaning costs, an Airbnb is generally substantially less expensive than most hotels in the same area. If you’re trying to save money on an international vacation, renting lodging through Airbnb is a fantastic place to start your search.

Live Your Life Like a Local

Instead of booking a hotel room on the Costa Blanca, opting to stay in an apartment or a house provides a far more real experience. It seems much more like your home away from home on the Costa Blanca than it does like a hotel. Staying at an Airbnb implies that you are temporarily residing in the same neighborhood as the residents. It also implies that you should buy where the locals do, dine at neighboring eateries, and even perform basic tasks such as putting the garbage out are your duty. When you stay in a hotel, especially one of the large international chains, you will never have the same sense of authenticity. Some hosts may also volunteer to tour you about and provide recommendations for places to visit, restaurants to try, and the finest places to buy.

It’s as Though You’re at Home.

After instance, why would you want to remain in a cramped hotel room that is just a few of metres wide when you can stay in a two-bedroom apartment or even an entire house? The average size of an Airbnb is significantly greater than that of a hotel room. They also include facilities such as a kitchen where you can prepare and cook, a living area where you can sit back and relax, and a laundry room where you can do your laundry, among others. The only amenities available in a hotel are no kitchen facilities, an absurdly overpriced mini bar, and the need to spend extra money on laundry services.

Experience the Comforts of Your Own Home

Airbnbs will be able to provide something that hotels will never be able to provide: a full house experience. The benefits of renting an Airbnb include having access to a fully supplied kitchen, numerous bedrooms and bathrooms, a home office, a fence around the yard, a pool and more. Staying in a location with a fully-stocked kitchen allows you to save money by preparing meals at your leisure. This also gives you the opportunity to eat more healthfully.

Discover the Authentic Costa Blanca Lifestyle.

You will have the choice of living in an apartment or a house in a town where there are relatively few visitors to see. Hotels are typically clustered together, resulting in a dense concentration of visitors in the surrounding neighborhood, causing businesses and restaurants to become touristic and costly.

When you book a stay at an Airbnb on the Costa Blanca, you will have the opportunity to live the experience like a local. On top of that, you may ask your Airbnb host any questions you have about the region, including where they dine, shop, and anything else you might be interested in.

Tip: By living like a local, you will be able to save money because tourist regions tend to have higher prices than other places. When you live like a local, you may have a dinner for a third of the price, and not only that, but your meal will be cooked from a cuisine that the local Spanish people have most likely been preparing for hundreds of years as well.

Conserve your funds

For many years, the pricing of Airbnbs against hotels have been compared, and Airbnb has always came out on top when it comes to being more inexpensive than hotels. You get more bang for your buck when you buy in bulk. You typically receive more space, facilities, rooms, and other advantages when you choose Airbnb versus a hotel, which makes it a worthwhile investment.

Child and Pet-Friendly Environment

The fact that they are pet-friendly is another another major selling point for Airbnbs. In many cases, the backyard will be completely fenced in. Many homes will also include playgrounds in the backyard, swimming pools, and other entertaining spaces for children and dogs to enjoy. The use of Airbnb is mandatory if you travel regularly with dogs or children.

The AirBnB App and Website

It is one of my favorite aspects of Airbnb because their app and website are so user-friendly. The process has been simplified to the point where even someone who is not technologically savvy may simply book an Airbnb stay. Your dates may be entered, as well as criteria (such as bed and breakfast or pets). You can also message the host ahead of time to ask them particular questions before arriving. In addition, you will be able to read evaluations written by past visitors.

Also included is an extensive rating system that displays the Airbnb’s rating for cleanliness, communication, value, and a variety of other factors.

Tip: I only stay in Airbnbs that have at least five ratings and at least four stars, which is what I recommend. I don’t want to be the test subject for a whole new Airbnb experience.

Airbnb’s are in High Demand.

The disadvantage of utilizing Airbnbs is that they might get fully booked very quickly. However, given the fact that there are 3 million postings globally, I do not believe this is a widespread issue. Many of my Airbnb stays have been pre-booked the night before, and I’ve never experienced any difficulty in locating a place to stay with positive reviews. For this reason, it’s critical to plan ahead of time, particularly during busy travel seasons.

Tip: As soon as you become aware of an upcoming trip, reserve your spot as soon as you are able. As a result, you will have access to the greatest alternatives at the most competitive rates accessible.

AirBnB Hosts have the Right to Cancel.

The truth of Airbnb is that hosts can cancel their reservations at any moment. Hosting companies will never do this since they know it will negatively effect their ratings and reviews. However, if you choose a host that has done it previously or has no reviews, it is possible that it will happen..

There will be fewer “additional” benefits.

If you appreciate the extra benefits that come with staying at a hotel (such as meal service, a pool, a spa, a gym, daily cleaning, or a front desk receptionist), then an Airbnb may not be the best choice for your vacation rental. But bear in mind that many Airbnbs do have some of these amenities and more; all you’d have to do is look for certain filters where it says “filters” to see whether your preferred option has them (easy I know).

Tip: If you speak a language other than English, you may filter out specific languages while looking for a place to stay. Simply selecting “host language” from the filter drop-down menu would be sufficient.

The AirBnB Experience

AirBnB has improved the whole visitor experience, and traditional hotels are beginning to feel the heat as a result. Here’s what makes AirBnB unique, and how it will improve your trip experience as a result. AirBnB is similar to Uber in that it allows customers to rate and review services, rather than simply the service providers that are listed on the site.

AirBnB is a service that I enjoy. In particular, I enjoy the fact that you may frequently find yourself staying in odd tiny side-streets. I appreciate how affordable it can be, as well as how clear the price is. It’s great that there are measures in place to remove incompetent hosts and visitors from the system. As a service, it illustrates how technology may be integrated with travel in order to make the entire experience more convenient and enjoyable.

To be sure, there are some advantages to staying in a hotel that aren’t reproduced by AirBnB, and I’m well aware of that. When staying in a hotel, there is generally a member of staff on hand 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There is the option to order room service, and most hotels will allow you to check out later if necessary.

The most effective approach to become acquainted with local people and their culture is to be hosted directly in their homes. Airbnb is a fantastic option for any tourist who wants to save money while also experiencing something new and different. Airbnb connects travelers with hosts from all over the globe who are willing to charge a fee for the use of their rooms, homes, or flats. If you haven’t seen this concept before, you should certainly have a look at this alternative. We were likewise captivated by the prospect of such a possibility.

At Airbnb, you can put your trust in us.

Because the foundation of Airbnb is trust, it is critical that you complete your profile as completely as possible. If you submit Airbnb with as much information as possible about yourself, the more credible you will appear to Airbnb and the hosts. The high trustworthiness of the whole system is ensured by the mutual references provided by visitors and hosts once they have completed their accommodations, as well as by the use of several automated mechanisms.

What is the Airbnb Process?

After you have completed your reservation, you may begin browsing for accommodations. There are three different sorts of rooms, much as in hotels.

  • Shared room– this choice provides you with the opportunity to sleep on a sofa or in a bed in a shared room.
  • Private room– because you have the entire room to yourself, this type of lodging is almost as good as staying in a traditional hotel.
  • Home or apartment rental – this choice is more like renting a house or apartment rather than staying in a hotel room. You are welcome to utilize the entire flat, including its furnishings and equipment.

Booking a Room on AirBnB

If you want to get the most out of the service, you should book the houses on a computer first for easier browsing and then download the phone app for more mobility when traveling. You may look for houses that are available in specific areas, dates, room kinds, or price ranges. There are also a plethora of filters available to help you focus your search. Before making a reservation, you may message the host to ask any questions. Viewers can choose from a large number of photographs of the space.

Be aware that your credit card will be debited when you make a reservation. As a result, if you book 31 homes in a single night, you will receive an unusually high credit card charge from the hotel.

The AirBNB Application

The software is really convenient. It will notify you when the time for your reservation is approaching. You will be prompted to check in the following morning through the app. It has a messaging section, which allows you to communicate with the hosts in the same way that you would text them. In addition, the app will SMS you to notify you that you have a new message in your inbox. It will provide you with driving instructions to the listing. It will remind you to go back over the areas where you stayed once you have finished your visit.

Tip: Using the search term “pets permitted,” you may narrow down the results to just include establishments that are pet-friendly.


I’m not sure which is safer: staying in an Airbnb or a hotel. It’s possible that it works both ways. With both Airbnb and a hotel, someone else has access to your property and may come and go as they choose. Which is more secure: being a hotel employee or being a homeowner? I honestly don’t know. I just slept with my bear spray next to me at all times.

Keep an eye on your surroundings and take precautions to keep yourself safe. All in all, I would strongly recommend using the Airbnb service. It has provided me with the opportunity of a lifetime! The peculiarity of the lodgings provided by Airbnb brought an entirely new unanticipated dimension to the vacation. You will be able to arrange an unforgettable Airbnb vacation if you follow the advice I have provided, no matter where you are going or how much time you have available.

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