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Benidorm Attractions

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Benidorm has something for everybody, thus whether or not you’re going to get active on a summer vacation, put a spring in your step with a romantic rendezvous, or coddle yourself with a leisurely winter trip, you’ll notice many attractions in Benidorm to keep you amused.

Benidorm is one amongst the foremost fashionable choices of countless vacation makers each year in Spain. it's one among the world's largest and most vivacious resorts. Benidorm boasts kilometres of fine, clean sandy beaches, safe swimming waters, endless hotels and recreation choices. The promenade that skirts the city and traverses the length of both beaches is wide, well paved and easy to walk. If your mobility is impaired then there are lots of mobility scooter rental opportunities here. On a morning you’re probably to seek out exercise classes on the sands.

Benidorm may be a excellent destination for families, there’s heaps to try and do, keeping everybody happy throughout your vacation, from splashing slides to exciting rides, each have a wonderful range of attractions to keep everybody happy.

Enjoy a leisurely stroll round the old town in the evening, wander the maze of cobbled streets till you stumble across a pleasant Tapas bar, where you'll relish a candle-lit dinner.

Local Markets
Barter for bargains in Benidorm municipal market. If you're keen on trying to find bargains, then Benidorm’s busy municipal market is a must, where you'll be able to haggle over leather merchandise, hand-crafted souvenirs and fresh fruit and veg.
It takes place each Wednesday and Sunday morning in Calle Mercado one, just north of the old town.

Eating out in Benidorm

Eat with the locals in Tapas Alley. Running from Place de la Constitutio along Santo Domingo, the aptly named Tapas Alley is the place to go for traditional Spanish food in Benidorm. popular with locals and tourists alike, the restaurants in this a part of the old town offer great food at low costs, remember to try out your Spanish while ordering! You can try the traditional Spanish snacks called tapas for little money. alongside the beach are bars and restaurants, as well as fast-food chains, selling food at all hours of the day and night. The large population of expats and guests from northern Europe makes eating in the resort an international experience. There are Chinese, Thai, Indian and Italian eateries, and even a Japanese bar. Still, there are one or two of fine tapas bars and restaurants that serve authentic Valencian rice dishes like seafood paella.

Tapas Alley
The Calle Santo Domingo, also called Tapas Alley, is virtually that. a whole street where you’ll find the best Tapas bars in Benidorm. Don’t keep on with one though, have one or two tapas in each and advance. enjoy bite-sized dishes and a small beer or two.

Benidorm Night Life
When the sun sets over the Benidorm, the real fun starts. Most of the action centres on the brilliant lights of Benidorm square, the city’s main strip that's filled with each conceivable kind of dance hall bar. However, if you’re not after an full-scale party, there are many lower-key places over in the old town to choose from.

Summer nights in Benidorm ar jam-packed with life, with a large array of bars, pubs and nightclubs where folks celebrate until dawn. Benidorm nightlife is amazing and be thought of as a vacation city that never sleeps. For those who like intense nightlife, Benidorm is the right place. visitors might find variety of nightlife and amusement activities in Benidorm. There are over one hundred fifty discos, nightclubs and discothèques that invite the holidaymakers to fun and delight.

Benidorm is a fantastic and extremely fashionable vacation city particularly for holidaymakers. For those who like intense nightlife, Benidorm is the right place. visitors may find variety of nightlife and diversion activities in Benidorm. There are hundred of bars and night clubs to decide on from in Benidorm. And of course karaoke as always. especially the the english square in Benidorm is nice at night. You won’t want for bars and clubs to try to. Here you'll be able to dance and drink throughout the night.

Enjoy Cabaret at the Benidorm Palace
Probably the foremost celebrated cabaret on the Costa Blanca you’ll find flamenco dancers, gymnasts, trapeze artist and lots and lots of sequins. There are singers, comedians and magicians, a laser show and dancing.

Go to the Benidorm Circus
The circus is open year round on a Saturday with a show at 1800. There are not any animals involved in this circus, however lots of acrobats, clowns and trapeze artists.

Enjoy the various Benidorm Musical Tribute Acts
Check out a number of of the various musical tribute acts that make Benidorm their home. Favourites include the rock group Show, Adele, Elvis.

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