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Choosing A Gestor Or An Asesor On The Costa Blanca

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On the Costa Blanca and obviously in the rest of Spain there are special administration offices called Gestor or Gestoria. A Gestor is a kind of intermediary between private individuals and companies on the one hand and government departments on the other.

Especially companies and independent entrepreneurs use a gestor for their business administration, tax return and everything that comes with it.

The gestor also offers help to individuals for doing many administrative tasks because they become more and more complicated and cost a lot of time and effort for someone to arrange this themselves.

Since these procedures are becoming increasingly complicated and the language can also be a problem when doing many of these administrative matters, it is, therefore, easiest to use a gestor.

What services does a Gestoria (Management) agency offer?

The usual services offered by a Gestor agency are

Administrative agency: This section includes the procedures that must be carried out before the Administration, such as

Permits: Traffic, driving, hunting and gun permits, etc.

Vehicles: Registrations, transfers, cancellations and other procedures related to motor vehicles.

Certificates: Of birth, marriage, etc.

Making legal procedures and contracts correctly can save many problems. In this sense, the legal advice, in addition to advising on civil or criminal law, will do so in the implementation of contracts, leases, civil and commercial registration, etc.

What is an Asesoria (Consultancy) and what does an Asesor (Consultant) do?

A Consultant has the main function of proposing and recommending the best possible options to business clients, in the area it has specialized, in Asesor will advise in accounting, fiscal and labour matters with the final objective of helping them to comply with their legal, tax or Social Security obligations, as well as advising them on how to optimize their resources and management possibilities as a professional or businessman.

What does a Tax Advisor/Advisor do?

A Consultancy with tax services focuses on tax planning, providing information and assistance to its clients in their relations with the Tax Administration, as well as contrasting and managing information and knowledge in tax matters by analysing the legal and tax reality to choose the best solutions to specific problems. Also, the consulting activity includes the completion of tax settlements on time.

How to Find a Gestor or Asesoria Service In Spain

Every company or autonomous professional, at any time of its commercial development, will need the support of professionals specialized in administrative, accounting, tax, commercial, labour and legal issues in general. Problems and eventualities will not be lacking, and it will be there when the right choice will have been worthwhile.

Although it may seem better to carry out these things on your own, most of these procedures require an investment of time that does not compensate for their completion and, in the least of cases, generates distractions that take the company or the self-employed person away from their objectives.

Differences Between Consulting and Management

Often the concepts of consulting and management are identified as if they were the same service, but in reality, there are differences between consulting and management. It is important to know what the differences are when asking for help from professionals to go to the most appropriate person. In this way, it will be easier for us to have the procedures controlled to achieve business success. We intend to clarify the differences between advice and management to consider who you should go to when asking for help for your business.

What Services does a Consultancy Provide?

The professional offers advice at all times on what options and decisions can be made in the tax, accounting and labour fields. A good advisor works for the employer, to provide correct information, suggest strategies and that this can help you make decisions in a clear way. You can choose to ask for the services of different advisors. These are some, which one does your business need?

Employment counselling:

It has to do with employment law. That is to say, with aspects of hiring or firing employees, with advice and ideas to the human resources department, with help on issues related to Social Security and prevention of occupational hazards. The typical example is the elaboration of workers’ payrolls, management of their registration and dismissal, etc.

Financial Consulting:

This type of service is based on giving personalized support to companies that are in a more mature phase of their business. The need arises when the business faces new phases, such as expanding internationally, buying other companies, making decisions based on the results obtained… It is a personalized service of more added value than the one that can be given by an administrative. It can be a help to reduce the company’s expenses and obtain the maximum benefit.

Legal advice:

On the one hand, it is a very useful service at the beginning of a business because it helps to constitute it and develop it legally. It is also a service aimed at preventing possible problems and defending the interests of the company in the case of legal proceedings.

Other advisory services:

Sales consultancy: It focuses on a strategy to achieve the company’s business objectives. It is necessary to know well the market as well as the public to whom we address.

What Services Does an Asesoria Agency Provide In Spain?

It is more focused on the company’s bureaucracy. It is in charge of managing documents such as payroll, contracts, administrative procedures, company social security, invoices for SMEs, large companies and freelancers, and taxes. It can also be of great help to carry out procedures with other administrations, both public and private. One of the main objectives when hiring the services of a manager is to make the task of self-employed people easier in their day-to-day work.

That said, there are many agencies that provide advisory services and vice versa. The main difference is the dedication that the professional in question will dedicate to you as a client. The advisory services require more personalized service, and a more direct link of the advisor, while the agency services usually require the help of an administrative or administrative to make the corresponding bureaucratic procedures and submit the relevant taxes. Therefore, advisory services are usually more expensive than the services of an agency, simply because they require more hours and more dedication.

Depending on the type of company, some services will be needed or others. It is not the same to have a company that sells its products through an e-commerce or e-business store as a company that provides professional services. In addition, the taxes that one or the other must contract will be different. For this reason, below we detail what elements you must take into account when hiring the service of one or the other.

Key Points To Consider When Hiring a Gestor or Asesor

Dedication: if you simply need to be presented with tax returns and accounting without any personalized assistance, it is best to go to an agency, which can also be an online agency, which will not require you to go to its offices in person. This solution is ideal for small companies or self-employed people who are just starting out. If, on the other hand, your company already has several employees and you will need more dedicated help due to the business challenges you have ahead, we recommend that you go to an advisor to guide you through the entire process.

Price: like any professional services company, agencies or consultants sell hours of dedication of their employees. The more hours your business needs, the more expensive their fees will be.

Online or offline: there are less and less physical documents. The vast majority of transactions are carried out in digital format, which is why we recommend that you go to an agency or consultancy that is used to using the online channel to communicate with its clients on a recurring basis. A clear indicator of whether an agency is adapted to new technologies is the website on which it advertises its services. If your website is still from the last century, we recommend that you choose other options!

Specialization: when choosing between the different options, we recommend that you go to a consultancy or agency that has some experience in your sector. For example, if you have an e-commerce store, you should go to an agency or consultancy that has already been there before.

References: it is important to ask for references before hiring any manager or consultant.

It is important to know what your company needs. Although we have seen the differences between consulting and management, many entrepreneurs and freelancers need both profiles because they are related and are two complementary services and that is why they are often provided by the same professionals.

Differences between A Gestoria and an Asesoria

On many occasions, management and advice are spoken of as if they were the same thing when the reality is that they are two different services. That is why it is vitally important to be clear what the differences are between management and advice to know who we have to go in each case. It is common to use the terms consultancy and agency indistinctly, when in fact they are different services. But, what are these differences between an agency and a consultancy?

What does an agency do?

The agency has an essential role for companies and the self-employed in terms of outsourcing services, ie a manager offers management services to companies and self-employed who require it.

An agency is responsible for quite broad aspects of the administrative management of a company, unlike consulting. What does an agency do?

Tax formalities, such as the presentation of taxes to the Public Tax Administration.

Labour procedures (registration and deregistration of workers, hiring and firing, payroll management, etc.).

Management for the constitution of a company.

Management of registrations and cancellations of self-employed workers.

Processing of public and private aid and subsidies.

Legal and official representation between the company, or self-employed, and the public administration.

The administrative managers are professionals qualified to act as intermediaries between the Administration and individuals. They are qualified to act before the Civil and Property Registries, the Treasury, Social Security, the Traffic Department or the Ministry of the Interior. The tasks will generally deal with matters related to housing, trademarks, homologations, foreigners, sworn translations or municipal licenses.

In the case of self-employed workers, the agency will process all the necessary documentation associated with their activities. We refer to taxes, contributions, payroll, licenses, vehicles, etc. Among the services the agency can also perform accounting, invoicing, procedures for the incorporation of a company, the mortgage of the premises or measures for the prevention of occupational hazards.

What does a consultancy do?

Consultancies, unlike agencies, are responsible for providing legal, accounting and tax information to their clients. They help to resolve all the doubts and questions about what is most suitable for your business circumstances.

The consultancies must always be up to date with new laws or legislation that are published. That is why, in addition to advising, it can inform the self-employed or businessman of everything that involves the implementation of a new business plan.

Differences between advice and management

The differences between consulting and management, although they seem minimal, are quite large since, in addition, a manager must be a member of the board of directors, while the consultant does not have to be. We have already seen in broad terms what the differences are between a consultancy and a management company.

The first one is in charge of advising the client and the second one of handling all the necessary paperwork. Now, which is more advisable? Which of the two does a company need?

Consulting and management are two types of professionals that can complement each other to help the self-employed or entrepreneur. However, if you have to choose one, which is the best option?

It will depend a lot on whether you want to do all the paperwork yourself, with everything that goes with it, or if you prefer to invest a little more and have the accounts and paperwork in order. Keep in mind that filling out the forms correctly is important so that you do not receive any fines from the tax office.

We find a convergence between the market spaces of agencies and consultancies. Nowadays many agencies present themselves commercially offering the tasks of advice and vice versa.

Online Management and Online Consulting

Online management and online consulting services are increasingly in demand.

Which consultant should I hire?

We recommend evaluating several alternative proposals from different advisors and administrative managers. It is convenient to investigate the opinion of other companies or freelancers about the service of each one of them, as well as the references they have in the different advisory services. In any case, our advice is always not to hire services that are not necessary.

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