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Rapper Octopizzo is one of the writer’s top 10 rappers. PHOTO | FILE | NATION MEDIA GROUP Picking a favourite rapper is extremely hard, especially if you’re only allowed to only put one name down. Luckily, Daily Nation has afforded me the freedom to express myself with multiple words so I’ll name ten rappers. I’ve still ranked them from best to wors…… Hold on! There is no ‘worst’ here. This is a list of the greats. Here we go. 1.E-Sir Some staunch rap fans don’t rate him highly because his style was more commercial than conscious. However, no other Kenyan rapper has ever managed to exert more influence than him. In terms of how iconic he is, E-Sir is like the Kenyan version of Tupac and the Notorious BIG. Most rappers on this list have great songs but none of them had songs that everyone could sing along to, word for word. It’s sad that he passed away at search an early age. There are those who argue that he is only considered great because he died. They say that because he passed away while still young, we only remember the best work from his brief catalogue. Meanwhile, someone like King Kaka gets lambasted and told “you don’t make tracks like “Dodoma” anymore.” It somehow makes sense. If E-Sir would be alive today there is a chance he would have made sup-bar music at some point. It’s impossible to make music for fifteen years and not put out work that is tasteless. But we can’t penalize E-Sir for dying right? He captured the minds and hearts of the masses. Sometimes that’s all that is needed to be the greatest of all time. 2. Johnny Vigeti He is the complete opposite of E-Sir. He is super-conscious. He holds the honour of having the best verse in the history of Kenyan Hip Hop. Many years ago, Johnny Vigeti together with other Ukoo Flani Mau Mau members teamed up with Ibra Da Hustler to create the iconic track called “Punchlines Kibao.” Perhaps they should have just called it “Punchlines za Vigeti!” In it, Johnny delivered what was the most cracking verse ever. The shrewdness in it was worthy of a standing ovation. But the verse alone doesn’t make Johnny great. As part of Kalamashaka, he was one of the first mainstream artistes to taste real fame. He also made many kids out there realize they can rap. Before Kalamashaka, no one ever saw considered rapping a viable career in Kenya. 3. Abbas He might have gone MIA lately but the name Abbas aka Jerry Doobiez will never fail to be mentioned when the greats are being talked about. My favorite verse from him was from the song “2050” in which he teamed up with Chiwawa and Malik. He blessed us with poetic, rewind-worthy bars that have forever refused to vacate my headspace. There were two phases in his career. First, there was Abass, the K-South member then there was Abass the solo […]