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Districts and Neighborhoods in the City of Benidorm

The city of Benidorm, which is located in the province of Alicante, is one of the most well-known tourist destinations in Spain. With the nearby international airport and excellent bus links to practically all major towns around Spain, the city is a popular destination for seasonal inflows of both foreign visitors and people from other parts of Spain. No coincidence that Benidorm is frequently referred to as the «tourist capital of the Costa Blanca», the «Spanish Manhattan,» and the «New York of the Mediterranean», among other things. The reason for this is not only because the city is huge in terms of population, but also because it is marked by architecture that is uncommon for Spain, with a great number of skyscrapers and oddly shaped structures that can be found in practically every area of Benidorm.

Benidorm’s Most Well-Known Areas

The city of Benidorm is officially divided into three districts: the Levante, the Center or downtown, and Poniente. However, the actual city limits do not end there; they continue in the form of two small «enclaves» that are part of other localities but are located a long distance away from them: Cala de Finestrat and Cala de Villajoyosa, both of which are located in the province of Valencia. Given their near proximity to one another and the fact that the city buses of Benidorm must travel through them, these districts may be considered part of the «tourist capital» itself, rather than just its suburbs, as a result of their tight association.

The Levante Neighborhood of Benidorm

Benidorm’s most renowned and distinctive sector is the Zona Guiri or Zona Británica, which translates as “foreigners’ area” in Spanish. It is the most famous, most lively, and most strange quarter in the city. And a quick glance around the area of Rincón de Loix verifies the validity of this moniker: the vast majority of taverns and restaurants provide a traditional variety of dishes from English cuisine, and the vast majority of their customers are subjects of Queen Elizabeth II (80 percent of them). The presence of the Dutch Church in this area should come as no surprise to anyone, given that the multiplicity of diasporas has already established itself as a distinguishing feature of Levante, which is unlike any other neighborhood in Benidorm. Although, of course, no one can compete with the British, not just in terms of sheer numbers, but also in a variety of other metrics such as raucous conduct and the regularity with which people come into contact with the authorities.

The Aqualandia water park and the Aqua Natura zoo, the only casino in the area – Casino Mediterraneo – the Benidorm Palace – a concert and entertainment hall where the most popular Spanish and international artists frequently perform, a water skiing attraction for both amateurs and professionals, as well as a plethora of discos and night clubs – are all concentrated in this area at the same time. The main market in Benidorm, which is only a short distance away and is held every Wednesday and Sunday, is where people sell not only apparel and agricultural products, but also handicrafts from the surrounding area..

In addition to being a popular tourist destination, the Levante district is home to the prestigious Lope de Vega private school, which has consistently been ranked among the best schools in the Valencian community from year to year. The school is located in a more or less tranquil area of the Levante district.

The best district of Benidorm could be claimed by Levante if it weren’t for the overwhelming presence of British revelers and debauchers, as well as the presence of concrete slabs at the entrance to the water on the beach, which stretches for 100 meters and ends with a three-meter cliff in the depth.

Benidorm’s Central District

All of the major commercial enterprises that offer items from internationally renowned companies are located in the heart of Benidorm, where there is something for everyone, not only in terms of shopping but also in terms of gastronomical tourism. In a very small area, there are a slew of restaurants and taverns serving food from Asturias, Galicia, the Basque Country, and other Spanish autonomous regions. At the same time, this part of Benidorm is not solely commercial or touristic, since it also contains the headquarters of the city’s important state organizations (such as the City Administration, the Police Headquarters, the Social Welfare Services, and so on). Furthermore, all of the major festivals and celebrations, both those planned by the government and those organized by the general public, are celebrated here, mostly in the L’Aiguera Park.

Of course, the center of Benidorm is densely packed with hotels and flats for rent, but it should be remembered that these accommodations are mostly suited to individuals who do not want to spend the majority of their free time in a building with four walls. On the shore, in addition to Mal Pas’s little beach with crystal blue seas, there is an observation deck and a small port, all of which are accessible by boat. At a distance from the shore that, on the one hand, appears to be reasonable, on the other hand, may easily be reached on foot or by bicycle, is the last station of the tram – a type of two-car hybrid tramway with an electric train that connects to the city center and the sea. The Sport Center «Foietes» is located nearby, where various children’s football sections are in operation, and in the summer, a football camp named after Guillermo Amor, the most well-known player from Benidorm, is conducted.

The bus terminal is likewise located in the heart of Benidorm, although getting there on foot is not the greatest option; instead, take a cab or take one of the municipal buses. There is cutting-edge technology at the station, which includes a low-cost hotel, a grocery, numerous small stores, a bar, and a fitness facility all housed in the same structure as the train station.

Poniente District Of Benidorm

In the opinion of many Spaniards who were born and raised in Benidorm, Poniente is the most desirable district in which to live. Despite the fact that the majority of residential structures are placed a reasonable distance from the beach and that the first line of hotels is generally occupied by hotels, it provides everything you need for a good lifestyle. At the same time, the length of the local beach is far greater than that of the Levante area, let alone other nearby areas, and even during the height of the tourist season, one may find a spot that is a significant distance from neighbors.

No coincidence that the renowned Gran Bali hotel is located in this area, which hosts a variety of international events, including dance and chess competitions, as well as parties “for those who are over,” where pensioners in their late 70s can be seen dancing and enjoying themselves on a night out with their spouses and children. Previously, the Gran Bali was considered the city’s icon, but this title has since been taken over by the InTempo skyscraper, which is one of the country’s five highest skyscrapers and is the tallest building in Spain. It is still unclear what will happen to this structure, which is shaped like the letter «M», even though construction and ornamentation have been underway for several years.

While at the same time, no matter how densely populated the neighborhood of Benidorm Poniente had become, there was still room for a new luxury real estate development known as Delfin Tower. It distinguishes itself from the surrounding buildings and is intended for clientele with upper-middle income levels, according to the architect. Furthermore, not long ago, the so-called “deal of the century,” as it was dubbed in Spain, was completed, according to which all of the unoccupied spaces on Poniente would be developed over the next several years: and this does not just include residences, offices, and retail establishments. Consequently, the population of this city, which has a recorded population of less than 80 thousand people and much fewer who dwell permanently, will approach half a million in the summer months.

Finestrat and Villajoyosa

The belief that the best sections of Benidorm are Cala de Finestrat and Cala de La Villajoyosa, despite the fact that they are not formally a part of the municipality, is fairly widespread among locals. According to past experience, they are typically picked by people who want peace and quiet, who are primarily interested in nature and environment, and who are least interested in bars and discos. Residents of European nations (mostly British, German, Scandinavian, and other nationalities) prefer to live in this section of the city. Golf courses, huge, luxurious residences, and breathtaking vistas are some of the things that draw people to this area.

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