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2019 National Championship: What to expect in Trevor Lawrence’s future If you’re having college football withdrawals already, fear not, National Signing Day and spring practice are seriously right around the corner. If that’s not enough to satisfy your insatiable appetite for all things college football, though, fear not again, as we’re already looking ahead to the 2019 season. Glancing at the schedules, there are already some huge games on the horizon. Nonconference matchups tend to garner the most attention because they’re not played every year, but even now there are some conference games that already look big on paper. Below are 10 intriguing games to remember as we trudge through the offseason. Keep in mind these aren’t supposed to necessarily project as the "best" games, just the ones that look to be the most intriguing due to their storylines both on the field and off of it. Surely, everyone will agree 100 percent with them. 10. Fresno State at USC, Aug. 31: Let’s go beyond the fact that Fresno could upset the Trojans on the road, which would be a story in and of itself. USC is in a tough spot. Coach Clay Helton overhauled his staff out of necessity, but he never even had a chance to show off his big, splashy hire in offensive coordinator Kliff Kingsbury, who already left to become the coach of the Arizona Cardinals in the NFL . ( USC completely botched this situation as well ). There’s some heat on Helton’s seat and while USC may not have been in a position administratively to fire him last year, an opening-week loss to Fresno State might set things into motion to make a change. 9. Ohio State at Nebraska, Sept. 28: Nebraska was a trendy preseason pick to challenge for the Big Ten West title this past season thanks to the arrival of coach Scott Frost, but the Cornhuskers showed early on they weren’t close to being ready. By the end of the year, though, Nebraska was a far more formidable team. If Frost’s trajectory at Nebraska pans out to be anything close to his time at UCF, Year 2 will show a remarkable improvement. A home game against Ohio State will be a get-up moment for this team if there ever was one. 8. Boise State vs. Florida State, Aug. 31: Boise State makes its living (so to speak) off of early-season games like these as it battles for Group of Five supremacy, but somehow this feels like a bigger moment for Florida State. The Seminoles are coming off of a 5-7 season and while it’s understandable that coach Willie Taggart needs time to even put together an offensive line, he’ll only get so much if he continues to lose. Boise State always wants to prove itself against college football ‘s blue bloods, but Florida State could use a win here. 7. Florida vs. Miami, Aug. 31: It’s not quite Florida State-Miami or Florida-Florida State since Florida and Miami don’t play as […]