Top 10 fantastic two-wheelers for 2019

Husqvarna Vitpilen 701 AeroHusqvarna EICMA — officially Esposizione Internazionale Ciclo Motociclo e Accessori — in Milan, Italy, is the world’s most influential motorcycle show. Every fall, manufacturers, customizers and the aftermarket meet to peddle some of the most outlandish and creative rides on the planet. It is the most important exposition of two wheelers of the year and is, quite literally, where the future — both the immediate and long-term — of motorcycling is revealed to the public. Here, then, is just a sample of what you might be riding very soon. Top 10 fantastic two wheelers for 2019 You know the name but thought they were long dead and buried, right? But no, they’ve been building single-cylinder Enfields in India non-stop since 1957. And, for those truly nostalgic, most of the bikes they’ve built in that 60-odd-year time span have been — except for modern fuel injection and disc brakes — absolutely faithful replicas of the bikes made in England back in the ‘50s. But with the KX comes an all-new look at the past. First, there’s the 838cc V-twin engine. Then we have the truly period-piece ‘girder’ front fork, not to mention the faux hardtail rear swingarm/suspension. Throw in a single passenger “saddle,” 19-inch tires front and rear and deliberately rough-hewn crankcases and you have one very classic modern motorcycle. Husqvarna EE 5 Husqvarna EE 5 Husqvarna At least one legendary dirt bike manufacturer is taking a truly novel approach in its switch to electrification. Instead of building a headline-grabbing superbike or full-fledged motocrosser, the EE 5 is a…. Minibike. Yes, a minibike meant for youngsters just learning to shoot their first berm. Its 5-kilowatt motor — 7 horsepower — is about equivalent to a 50cc beginner’s bike while is 0.9 kWh battery is small enough that the EE 5 remains lightweight. But, before you dismiss the EE as just a plaything, know that it has long-travel WP suspension front and rear, full knobby tires and disc brakes. The EE 5 is no plaything. It is a serious dirt bike designed for serious dirt bikers, even if they are only eight years old. Story continues below Husqvarna Vitpilen 701 Aero And now something completely different from the same Swedish bike maker — a “café racer” version of the Vitplien 701 roadster that took the industry by storm last year. A ‘70s-style bikini fairing flows into a Bonneville Salt Flats–inspired disc rear wheel, all held together by an extremely sporty, KTM-built 690cc double-overhead-cam single. Throw in a state-of-the-art digital speedo/tach gauge set and a slash-cut exhaust and you have yet another exquisite combination of the modern and retro. Top 10 fantastic two wheelers for 2019 Imagine a 220-kilogram superbike with truly avant garde styling and a top speed of over 240 kilometres an hour. Now, imagine it’s electric. Well, imagine no longer, as Arc has built it and called it Vector. The 127-horsepower Vector supposedly has a 200-km range on the highway not to mention top-flight Ohlins suspension […]